Moss Therapy and Wellness is a counseling and dance movement psychotherapy practice dedicated to providing unbiased counseling to assist in the mental wellness of individuals and couples. We are versed in the treatment of counseling for mental health issues along with life transition counseling. 


To help foster a community of fully integrated individuals – characterized by our common:

·  Understanding our clients’ concerns with sensitivity and empathy;

·  Treating all clients with dignity and respect, regardless of background, age, culture, religion, heritage and personal beliefs. 



To reduce the stigma of counseling while performing the best practices and delivering first class services to every client. Moss Therapy and Wellness’ compassion to our clients is far reaching. Below are some best practices that make us unique:

·  Our clients are why we are here - their care and well-being are our #1 priority

·  Every client has a right to compassionate, courteous, confidential and professional service

·  We listen to client’s concerns and do our best to address them

·  We adhere to nationally-recommended guidelines and standards of care in providing services

·  It is our privilege and responsibility to contribute to our client’s health and happiness.




  • This has been truly a refreshing experience. I am very pleased with her expertise in helping me recover from my injuries.

    Chris M.

  • Kandice and her team are excellent with their work. A very passionate group. You really listened to my questions and found the source of the problem. Thanks again!

    Erica H.

  • Thank you so much for making the time to see my husband on such short notice. All your recommendations have been immensely helpful. Thank you.

    Kathy S.